Moments not memories is about the day-to-day of life.  It’s about living for the here and now. It’s about not worrying about photos or memories or souvenirs of a life. If a life is well lived you’ll have the stories to show for it, not the photos or videos. If a person is well loved they’ll have the feelings and emotions to show for it. And if you’re happy? You’ll have the smile to show for it! (:

This blog is not for venting or moaning. It’s not a blog of my hopes and dreams and successes and failures. It’s not about me at all really (I’m not vain enough for that!) but about the experiences of life. Don’t expect many photos. While I value a good photo-after all many are worth more than a thousand words-few of mine are good enough that they would in any way override any words I have to say.

This blog is for me to write and for you to read, soak up, digest and comment if you should so wish. (You can also email me @ I’ll write about news, fashion, sports. I’ll write reviews of books, films, songs, ideas.

I want people to see my views, understand them and then know that theirs may be different but just as important.

I want to write, and be read.

Don’t expect stories of hope and glory or tales of gore. I’m here to write things to be read. Whatever comes to my mind, whatever I see fit to be read. That’s all.

Live for the moment, not the memory. Live for the day itself and not the day it will be in years to come. Be the hero today; be the villain today. Be the bystander or the leader of today. Live in today and not yesterday or tomorrow. Forget about consequences. But remember ideas.  Forget about faces but remember people. Forget the gossip and remember the stories. Forget about facts and remember emotion. Forget about the memory, remember the moment.

Oh, and thanks! So, so, SO SO much for reading me if you do!


14 thoughts on “Momentsnotmemories

  1. A refreshing perspective, and an interesting way to frame your experiences. Every event in life is a moment in time, and those moments live forever through the emotion that we re-experience every time we think about them. Welcome to the blogosphere! I encourage you to keep writing and wish you much success with your blog.

  2. Thanks for the welcome and good wishes- I hope to be here for a long time! I do understand it’s a very different perspective but I think nowadays less and less people are living in the here and now and yet that is so important not only for our sanity but for our happiness. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere 😛
    So many blogs nowadays fall into such limited categories, it’s so nice to see something aiming to write about things a little differently 😀 I’m quite intrigued by the idea 😛
    And also I 100% agree with your motto of ‘Live in the moment’. A few things hit me earlier this year and realised this exact philosophy 🙂 had it tattooed on my leg and everything 🙂 happy blogging!!

    • Hi chaoticscribbles 🙂
      Thanks for the welcome and your lovely compliments 😀 I hope you continue to enjoy what I write!
      The main reason for keeping my options open with regards to blogging is the simple fact that I have no particular serious interest and a lot of things interest me a little. I also hope there’s a little something for everyone 🙂
      WOW, we must be seriously on the same page!! 🙂

      • That’s a very good idea! I made the fatal mistake of starting about 4 or 5 blogs before getting to the final one I write now because my ideas would change – I couldn’t focus on one idea for long enough. But now I’ve settled into something it works well (unlike the other 5 before) 😛
        we totally are

        • That number of blogs can be hard to maintain and focusing on one idea does make blogging easier. But you shouldn’t be worried about occasionally posting something on a different topic-it just makes for a little change! 🙂

          • Exactly! I would just have bigger and better ideas because the first would flop and I ended up back at square one 😦 that’s also true, I try to keep things on my blog mixed up a bit but just all kept to the theme of my hamsters – and it works! Health post one day, bitch about something I’ve bought them another,crazy anecdote the next… You get my drift!
            Is this your first ever attempt at blogging ?? It seems such a winning combo of ideas – I’m jealous you thought of it first 😛

            • I know what you mean! Now that I’ve actually started blogging, I’m starting to come up more ideas all the time and I have to find ways to adapt them to my blog 😛 But I love it, so it’s worth it!
              Yeah, as long as you keep having ideas, you’ll keep going 😀 It is my first attempt, but I’ve been thinking about it since like last year!
              And thanks-you’re so full of compliments-I love it! 😀

              • With your blog that can’t be hard to adapt it to you theme 😛 hah nice one. My first one was about a failed relationship. After about a week I was like ‘dude why am I writing this?!’ lol, eventually stuck with a blog that I love now 😛

                • Yeah, I think consistently blogging about something that bummed you out is kinda negative, but I can see that you’re blatantly passionate about your blog now so you’re more likely to keep going! 🙂

                  • Hells yeah! I always have something to say about it, I love sharing my stories about it, I love reading of other peoples experiences with them and I get so much great feedback, its a real buzz writing each post!
                    Also Ive limited myself to 1 post a day – that way, readers get a little consistency and also I don’t burn-out by posting everything I have to say all in one day! 😀
                    Blogging is addictive, damnit!

                    • Blogging IS addictive, and kind of exhausting! But it’s good that you have a routine, Im still trying to sort myself out tbh…
                      But I’m loving it, especially the ‘buzz’ when someone likes a post or follows so yeah 😀

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