Day 2 of Euros

Netherlands 0-1 Denmark

Germany1 -0 Portugal

This group was so-called the ‘group of death’. One group with three of the supposed best teams in the world in. Plus Denmark, a team who failed to qualify for the Euro’s in ’92 but when Yugoslavia were disqualified and Denmark replaced them, actually went on to win it. An interesting group to say the least.

Game 1

The first game was very predictable in that everyone predicted a Dutch win; it was unpredictable in that, well, they didn’t win. The Danes played well. Not better than the Dutch but still well. The Dutch were full of well-known faces but everyone knows international football doesn’t like a well-known. And the only goal was scored by Michael Krohn-Dehli, a Brøndby IF player.

Game 2

Second game, less predictable, although most people do have their money on Germany winning and so one would have assumed a win today. The game did slightly resemble Bayern vs. Real, but the Germans benefited from having Özil on their side this time and managed a win within the 90 minutes. The only goal in this game was scored by Gomez.

And so….

The Germans were no surprise really. The Netherlands are going to have to bring a lot against them and the Portuguese. And the Portuguese are going to have to bring something to the Danish game. In other words we’ve been led to believe that the Germans are the only ones safe here. But that could change. You know, if it wasn’t actually the Germans. Keep an eye for the Dutch and Portuguese names-they should up their game now. Also the Dutch Ibrahim Afellay is on my radar. Currently a Barcelona player, he had good chances on goal as well as showing some defensive skills.


11 thoughts on “Day 2 of Euros

  1. aww finally i find a girl on wordpress who write posts related to fifa 😉
    loving this euro and yeah im watching every match, since i watch la liga alot and barcelona my fav club so im supproting spain, spain vs italy went awesome,. missed david villa and poyoul.
    which team u r supporting in euro ?
    and hey
    happy euro 2012 😉

    • Haha, hardly anyone blogs about football anyway ive found 😛
      but yeah, i love football and im watching every game so why not blog about it?! Im supporting england-were kinda hoping for a miracle… 🙂

      Yeah i think spain did miss them- and also i think players like fabregas and iniesta are too used to playing with messi and miss him a bit, but spain are gonna go far I’m sure!

      • yeah u r so right, actually i feel the same yesterday that its barcelona Playing against Italy with out Pep and Messi 😛 well pep is not any more with us too, but it was a Barca with out messi yesterday 😛 instead of messi we have got toress, seems so weird that the man who made spain euro champs in 2008 , cant even score now.
        england is a great team, this time they can go far, and yeah the match between england and france will be awesome match.
        im a spain fan, but since we are missing david villa and poyoul ,so spain this time nt gonna win it, but I got Feeling that germany will take it this time,cox last time in euro they made it to the finals and just lost cox of one goal,this time the munich just lost in uefas cup final match in penalties, so they can win it this time, i hope germany wont take it but i had feelings

        • Im the same. I dont really like Germany but theyve got a proper strong team that can definitely do far, and unlike England they are a proper ‘team’.
          I feel bad for Torres cos he’s definitely had a bad time at chelsea and i just think that that’s showing through in his spain games. Although he did have a lot of missed chances. He just needs his confidence back!

  2. the match between england and france was awesome like it went between spain vs italy, this euro getting awesome and surprising, yeah i feel the same for him, i thought torres is back into game when he scored in uefa champions league against barca in 90 minutes, but again he needs some inner courage and confidence

  3. lol so was i, even iam a barca fan but i was happy for him that he is back into the game 😀
    im about to read ur day 4 blog cox i kinda missed the match due to my exams results .

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