5 things I wish I’d known about before Summer 2012

  1. Seinfeld. Need I say more? Probably actually. For those of you yet to discover the delights of this old-fashioned and therefore one hundred per cent more funny than anything more recent sitcom, it is about a group of four friends, three men and a woman. She provides us with just enough oestrogen for my liking. (Personally, I always found Friends a bit too ‘womanly’.)These four people basically just do stuff. But it’s funny. I promise!
  2. Tetris. I’m currently on ‘study leave’. You know ‘revising’ for the  16 hours a day I’m not asleep or eating. Like a baby, but instead of crying, I’m revising. Yeah right. Instead I’ve found a game that I’ve seemingly become ‘addicted’ to. In      fact one could go as far as to say I’m suffering from the ‘Tetris effect’,ie. Seeing the shapes in my dreams, daydreams, nightmares, when I’m actually trying to revise, in the middle of exams…… anyway, despite knowing it’s a      complete waste of my time I’ve slowly become addicted to it and am attempting to slowly wean myself off again. Although I’m fairly certain there is scientific proof which states that playing Tetris makes your mind concentrate more. Or something…
  3. Staples. As in the small, metal contraption that goes inside a slightly larger plastic/metal contraption. I actually love them. Who needs hole-punching? Who needs sellotape? Who needs binders, or paperclips or safety pins or ribbon or      glue or…. And the list goes on. Staples. One push, one click and you’re done. I’m actually not sure how I didn’t discover staples sooner…
  4. The art of revision. Do I revise by taking notes? Or by reading? Or by reciting? Or by flashcards? Or by testing myself? I DON’T KNOW! And I wish I did, because I’m now more than half way through my exams and am still spending more time on this blog than revision . Any tips?
  5. Blogging. I know, I know,  you saw that one coming. But it’s true. I wish I had. I . Love. It. The writing of my blog. The reading of others. The way I have to really think about some posts but others come straight to me. Reading every blog on ‘freshly pressed’ just to see what’s happening in blog world. I’d been thinking about getting a blog since late last year but was too      scared/worried/unenthusiastic/unmotivated to. But not anymore.

What do you wish you’d know about sooner? Any of the above?

Here is a link to Seinfeld post http://randomashley.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/seinfeld/#comment-131


3 thoughts on “5 things I wish I’d known about before Summer 2012

  1. Omg there’s a name for dreaming in tetris blocks ?!? I knew I wasn’t the only one! When my Internet died I fished out my old Nintendo game boy / brick and would play for hourrrrrrs! I became a god at it, dreamt how the blocks would fall and everything! This is brilliant :’D

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