Day 4 of Euros

England 1-1 France

Sweden 1-2 Ukraine

For me, personally, the most exciting group, as my England boys are in it! As a typical England fan, I am of course convinced they can win it. However, this tournament is all about being a ‘realist’…So, you know, keep an open mind…. 🙂 In terms of other teams, the money’s on France based on pre-tournament games. Although one should note that their performance in the cups of recent years has been, well, merdee. Ukraine have an interesting home advantage and Sweden have a potential under-dog/England mess-up/France mess-up advantage. Here’s to a good group!

Game 1

I was happy with this. Of course I would have preferred a win, but really can’t complain. I feel that Hodgson’s got the players playing a very positive game, despite its slightly defensive look. I am also happy to mention that every single team player was singing the national anthem. (Rooney’s a different matter). To give them their due, France did play well, I would not say better, in spite of the larger ball possesion precentage and the fact that they had almost double the number of passes, because football is about the score line and absolutely nothing else.

Game 2

Wow. WOW. W.O.W. Of course, a Ukranian win was not that unexpected, but was also not really that credible in a lot of people’s minds. The game was slow, but the second half began better and the Swedes infact went ahead seven minutes into the half. However, the Ukrainians, having the home advantage and therefore MASSES of home fans came back hard and the man of hour, Shevchenko went on to score the two winning goals.

And so….

Well, well, well. The favourites are third, and the second favourites are second after a draw between the two. The underdogs are bottom of the group after a loss, and the home team are top with the full three points! I am excited by this group! Keep an eye out for the Ukrainian scorer, Shevchenko who will be on a massive high going into the France. But England should watch out as Sweden will play hard for the three points.


3 thoughts on “Day 4 of Euros

  1. If England can’t , I would love to see a home-side Ukraine reach the finals. It would amazing for them, for fans and European football, the fact is is that fans cant do everything (if they could England would always win!) and they do have to beat either France or England, but I wish them all the luck anyway!

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