Day 5 of Euros

Czech Republic 2-1 Greece

Poland 1-1 Russia

Game 1

The Czechs came out quick scoring their two goals within the first ten minutes. Greece’s defence was to say the least a-w-f-u-l, as can be seen by the quick goals. The Greeks came out in the second half with something to prove and netted the ball almost straightaway. Despite very decent attempts from both sides, the score was to remain 2-1. The Greeks would have wanted more but the Czechs will be happy with that win.

Game 2

This game was tainted by the news that many Russian and Polish fans took part in fighting before the match. Not knowing much about either team, I don’t know if this was caused by rivalry or just plain arrogance. Either way it didn’t (or shouldn’t) overshadow what was a very good game. The Russians scored in the first half from a set piece. A good goal, bad defending but the goalie had nothing on it. In the second half the Poles came out to the massive support of their home crowd, and scored an absolute b-e-a-u-t-y from open play. That was to be it, despite numerous chances.

And so….

Russian’s could go far if they keep it up, although many are unsure of how they will fare against more Western European football. Many still expect the Czech’s to go through despite the defeat, but I think a slightly more able and altogether more put together Poland could. Keep an eye on Lewandowski (Poland), (apparently heading for an English team) whose goal was rather good.

So Group A’s last two games will begin with Russia on 4 points, the Czech Republic on 3 points, Poland on 2 points and Greece on 1 point. With Russia playing Greece and Czech Republic playing Poland. The only thing that is sure of is that one of the Czechs or the Poles will be in the quaters.


2 thoughts on “Day 5 of Euros

  1. Yeah, but it had to be expected. Apparently the date of the match was the anniversary of when the Soviet Union broke down. Or something. As long as the polive handled it well, it shouldnt impact the tournament.

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