5 things every new WordPress blogger should do

As a new blogger to WordPress, I wanted to give out some ideas about what you can do in those first few weeks to increase your levels of interaction and how you can get people to check out your blog. This isn’t a definitive list but for me these five things have worked well in the first few days I’ve been blogging.

  1. WRITE! Just get some words on to paper an see where you go. Maybe you’ll find you prefer fiction or news or reviews or a bit of both or all. The important thing is to post often and regularly. I’ve found that with my regular Euro’s posts I get the same readers back again to read more.
  2. COMMENT! Comment on other blogger’s posts. This lets other bloggers know you’re interested in their blogs and in the ‘two way interaction’ that has to happen in blogging. This means that you can’t expect bloggers to interact with your blog if you don’t interact with theirs. It’s also much more interesting to post a comment than to just ‘like’ something. So if you have the time always comment-even if it’s just to show your appreciation of a blog.
  3. PING! This is when you link other blogs to your site. Maybe they blog about similar things and you think your readers would enjoy their blog as well. Or possibly they have an opposing opinion and your readers would be interested in that as well. Or if you read a post that gives you an idea for a post, link that post in to yours.
  4. Check out FRESHLY PRESSED! This will give you an idea of what sort of blogs and posts are popular at the moment. Also, these blogs get a lot of traffic, so by commenting on one or two of them, you increase your interaction levels.
  5. Say THANK YOU! When people follow you, when they comment on a post, when they like a post. It’s polite and keeps your interaction levels up.

Happy Blogging!



12 thoughts on “5 things every new WordPress blogger should do

  1. Sound advice, Holly!

    From personal experience, I would also add: INSERT PICTURE! No matter how simple the picture is, it can pull a lot of people in. Twice as many views, I would guess.

    I use a pic of my cat as a ‘default picture’ when I don’t have a suitable one available …and then I write a dumb-ass caption below it. After all, WordPress is mostly a visual experience…

    • Thats true, it is all about etiquette and just generally working together to make the blogworld more accesible, worthwhile and fun 🙂 I agree, the write picture can say so much more than words.

      • Definitely, I’ve already noticed a big difference in feedback, views and follows since trying out some of your tips! I know that’s not what it’s all about but it’s so encouragiing! 🙂

        Thanks again,

        • Hey, no problem 🙂 It’s not what it’s all about and it’s important to remember that as long as you’re happy writing and blooging no-one else matters. But you’re right it does feel encouraging to engage other people and have other people enjoy your work. Good luck!

  2. Definitely some very good tips, but one thing I would add is that to start with the view count isn’t important and I know a lot of people get disheartened when they only get a few views a day but keep at it and they quickly start to rise

    • Thanks! Yeah, view count, followers, comments, likes do seem to matter at first, but its more important that you’re writing for yourself and not for potential readers. For example, I know that football isn’t particularly popular in the blog world, but I enjoy writing about and the few people who read my football posts enjoy reading them, so that makes it worthwhile 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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