Day 6 of Euros

Denmark 2-3 Portugal
Netherlands 1-2 Germany

 Game 1
And so begins Portugal’s comeback, further heightened by the Netherlands inability to win a single game yet. It was expected that the Danes would fight for this especially after their Dutch win. However the Portuguese needed the points more and fought harder. They were the first to score, Pepe, with a header (I think because it was so fast I didn’t actually see it). They then scored again but the Danes came back before half time. Ronaldo, in about the 50th minute, missed the best chance of the e-n-t-i-r-e tournament and the Danes then scored instead. The score stood at 2-2, and Ronaldo looked like he’d be paying for his missed chances. But then the substitute, Valdera, scored and got Portugal the three points they desperately needed.

Game 2
The Netherlands needed three points but would definitely have taken one over nothing. The game was fairly evens but Germany were always stronger and Gomez scored two in the first half.  No-one can deny they made good chances but their inability to convert (save Van Persie’s second half goal) is what failed them today. Saying that, the Germans were better and deserved their win.

And so…
Germany finish with 6 points and seem very unlikely to leave the tournament. Portugal and Denmark end with 3 points and the Netherlands still with zero. They will have to beat Portugal to even be considered, and even then the Danes could very easily go through. This Sunday could be a very interesting day of matches.


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