5 reasons why getting ‘Freshly Pressed’ is “all that”…

…(to be followed up with, ‘5 reasons why getting ‘Freshly Pressed’ isn’t “all that”.)


  1. More visitors. It’s a well-known fact that Freshly Pressed gives you the sort of coverage any blogger would want. It’s like having your name written in lights, scrap that *stars*. Your picture across billboards in Times Square. Your face plastered on every other page of a magazine. Your blog’s name written on the shirts of the biggest football team. Basically it means the big time, the big people and the big money. (Actually I’m joking about that one. Well maybe not. I’ve never been freshly pressed so I don’t know if you receive any sort of prize money….)
  2. Appreciation. Someone, somewhere has realised that not everything you write is a load of c**p and that maybe you do make some good points, take some good photos, write nicely, have correct grammar, not swear, etc, etc….
  3. You kinda know you’re doing something right. WordPress’ 3rd tip for getting freshly pressed is to have good tags. So if I get freshly pressed must mean I’m tagging correctly, right? Although how you can tag incorrectly, I am yet to be made aware of.
  4. Uniqueness. Supposedly freshly pressed is full of unique stuff. Looking at it today, I definitely cannot deny that. I like to think that my blog is in some way shape or form, ‘unique’ to others so yeah, being freshly pressed would definitely make me feel like my writing is a good and interesting and ‘unique’.
  5. It feels good. For those new to the blog world, it may seem strange to think that having your blog featured for one day on a page that only other blog users see is literally the ‘best-thing-in-the-world’. But it is. Fact. Getting ‘freshly pressed’ is like hitting the big time in WordPress blog world.

Good luck on everyone attempting to get ‘freshly pressed’! 🙂 And also good luck to those who have don’t give an F about ‘freshly pressed’ and actually try hard (ie. include typos, swear words, no pictures, no tags) to stay out of all that ‘popular’ stuff. The next post is probably for you. 😉


inspired by… http://exploringdays.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/take-note-wordpress-you-will-have-to-feature-me-sooner-or-later/





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