5 reasons why getting ‘Freshly Pressed’ isn’t ‘all that’

And so, the opposing arguments….

  1. Time. It already takes me a very long time to get through the, oooooh, ten comments I get a day and what with trying to figure out why I’ve approved a comment but can’t comment on it yet or why sometimes I comment as ‘holly’ and sometimes ‘momentsnotmemories’ or why a perfectly innocent comment has been branded as spam,  I really don’t have the time for like a thousand or so more comments.
  2. False friends. Yep so you’ve ‘congratulated’ me and commented on what two posts, and then what? You leave, never to return because you only checked me out because I’d been ‘freshly pressed’. A bit like seeing a really fit guy/girl across the room but when you walk closer, you realise they just plain stink.
  3. My 17 (currently) followers might not like the new attention I’m receiving. Just saying. I don’t want to get big-headed when I reach the ‘big time’, but, well, I might have to leave you guys for the bigger, better, guys. Which brings me to point 4.
  4. I want the people on my blog, to enjoy my blog, to read it and to comment if they like it. And if they don’t to leave. It’s no biggie. Not every blog is for everyone. I only want the people who want tobe  here, here. I also don’t want to sift through hundreds of pointless comments, just to find ones from my trusted followers that I care about the most!
  5. And this one’s a tiny bit arrogant but very, very serious (compared to the others anyway). But I write for me. I blog to improve my writing skills. Be it fiction or non-fiction. Be it lists, or reviews, or comments. Of course I love people commenting or liking because it shows appreciation. And I like when I’m given tips about content and writing. But at the end of the day I blog to give me something to do, to improve my skills as a writer and to read and look at (photography blogs) others blogs. Not so someone, somewhere can tell me I’m doing that ‘well’.

Once again, good luck!

(And once again, inspired by the same blogs.)


2 thoughts on “5 reasons why getting ‘Freshly Pressed’ isn’t ‘all that’

  1. I hadn’t considered this side of freshly pressed, so very nice post! To be honest I would not mind approving a few more comments for a chance to be featured though

    • Thanks! (especially for your inspiration!) I agree, but the chances of it happening to me are so low, that I don’t mind kind of making fun of it 😉

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