Day 8 of Euros

Ukraine 0-2 France

Sweden 2-3 England

Game 1

After four minutes this game was delayed for an hour, restarting at 6 o’clock GMT time. The delay was due to very strong storms which in most cases would not delay a game, but these involved a lot of strong lightning that was not only dangerous to players but to fans as well who cowered at the back of the terraces. The storms were so heavy that some fans were said to be ‘swimming’ in the stands! This delay appeared to unsettle the French who played and possessed little in the first half which ended 0-0. However they came out fast scoring the two goals of the game in the 50’s minutes. They were from Menez and Cabaye. All in all a good performance from France and, despite the loss, from the Ukraine.

Game 2

Get in there, my England boys! That’s what we’re talking about! A nice, hard earnt, well-played, terrific match in which we took the full three points. Sweden give them their due played well, not only equalising twice but actually going ahead at one point. Unfortunately that was not good enough for the team now rated as very definite potential winners (by me anyway.) First to score was Carroll, a decent header from a Gerrard cross, in the first half. Then two by the Swedes in the 49th and 59th minutes. All hope was supposedly lost. This put us not only bottom but out of the competition. Then Walcott was brought on, scored the goal of his life four minutes later and set up the Welbeck back-leg-flick winner. COME ON ENG-ER-LAND!

And so….

England and France on 4 points a piece, although France top with their bigger goal difference. Ukraine come in at third with 3 points, and England as their next opponents. Sweden are last with no points and no chance but a potentially very important game against France. Odds are England and France go through. But, touch wood, no jinxes! 🙂



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