Day 10 of Euros

Germany 2-1 Denmark

Netherlands 1-2 Portugal

Sorry for the lateness of this blog, had some little things like ‘revision’ and ‘exams’ to attend to…

 Game 1

Due to both games being played at 7.45pm GMT (so games can’t be ‘fixed’) we opted out of this game on the basis that Holland were playing for their lives and would ultimately be a much better game. In fairness, from the sounds of it, this game was no worse. The Germans going ahead with a goal from Podolski, unsurprisingly, but the Danes brought it back 10 minutes later with corner. They needed a win (or a draw if Holland won/the other game was a draw) and despite the better opposition would play for that win. However, 10 minutes from time, Bendner scored to secure Germany a top-place finish, a quarter final place and three wins in their group stage.

Game 2

Holland were out, unless they could secure a very good (at least by two goals) win and Germany won. Germany won. Holland, however did not even turn up. Give them their due they did score the first and very classy goal. Their defence was, to be polite, diabolical and Portugal had the highest chances on goal, near chances, potential chances, missed chances etc, ratio to actual goals I have ever seen. Two goals from Ronaldo himself, redemption for the last two games presumably, put them ahead Portugal finished with six points. Holland with zero.

And so…

Germany go on to play Greece. Portugal go on to play Czech Republic. Both should be good games what with the difficult economic relationship between the two former possibly being played out on the pitch, and the latter two both experiencing late surges of brilliance in the competition.


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