Day 12 of Euros

Ukraine 0-1 England

Sweden 2-0 France

Game 1

So, we are THROUGH!!! The England boys came out very slowly, the Ukrainians providing few problems but they did have a lot of possession and passes. This, however, no longer seems to worry the English, who are happy to run about, defend a little, whilst keeping Roy Hodgson’s famous shape. Towards the end of the second half, they did turn up but it ended 0-0. Both teams came on the second half, raring to go. And in the, 48th minute, after a Gerrard cross and a bundled save, Rooney headed home from about a foot. Ukraine scored later on, the goal was not given despite replays showing it did cross the line even after a heroic save from Mr. Terry. This goal would have made no difference to their qualification however.

Game 2

Looks like Laurent Blanc has a bit of a situation on his hands. France should have won, supposedly. Especially as Sweden were already out the tournament. However they came out strong, possibly in an attempt to give their fans a little of what they wanted in this tournament. The first half here, also finished 0-0, but a 54th minute Ibrahimovich goal and a stoppage time Larsson goal guaranteed a win against group favourites.

And so….

So, England go through with 7 points (2 wins and a draw) and they will play Italy on Sunday. France go through with 4 points (a win and a draw) and they will play Spain on Saturday. Sweden and Ukraine bow out, both with one win and two losses but still things to be proud of (Ukraine’s thrashing of Sweden; Sweden’s thrashing of France) and also things to work on. England go in as only one of four teams (themselves, Italy, Germany and Spain) not yet to lose a game. Only three of them can make a semi-final. Only a good sign we can hope?



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