My Top 5 Books and why YOU should read them

My top 5 books (and a line noting why I like them) can be found in the ‘About Me’ section of this blog. However, as I know not everyone reads that, I though I’d create a little post for you to ponder over. I have included quotes to whet your appetite 😛

1. Confessions of a Fallen Angel (2008) Ronan O’brien

The bestest ever book by far. Words cannot explain it.

“We fill our lives with endless amounts of things we don’t need and it’s all to distract ourselves from the fact that the rug can so easily be pulled out from us at any time.”

“the timing of a person’s life is never…random.”

2.What the Portuguese au pair boy did (2011) ZR Bradley

A funny and heart-warming foreigners view of a typical South-Londoner’s life. Lovely-jubbly.

“…he feels sorry for people who don’t drink because they wake up feeling the best they’ll feel all day.”

3.Burnt Toast (2006) Teri Hatcher

Makes you think, feel, laugh, cry.

“Sour grapes can make a fine wine.

4.The B***h in the House (2003) Various Authors

Pure, unedited but very truthful looks at the lives of women.

Impossible to quote from because of the abundance of different stories and lives. My favourites are, ‘Getting the Milk for Free’ (Veronica Chambers) and ‘I Do. Not’ (Catherine Newman)

5.The List (2006) Aneva Stout

100% not what you expect, but ever, so lovely.

“1. You will dream about meeting Mr. Right.

a. You’ll be eleven.


c. Forty-six. “


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