Day 15 of Euros

Our second quarter-final is


Greece were finalists in 2004. And they won.

Germany were finalists in 2008. But lost to Spain.

Greece are playing on the memories of that tremendous tournament 8 years ago. Germany are playing on recent defeats in major tournaments and their last triumph was this tournament in 1996.

First half:

Greece were one hundred percent outplayed. It was, in the eyes of commentators, fans, players and managers a case of, ‘not if but when’. ‘When’ appeared in the 38th minute when Germany managed to convert what felt like their 100th chance into an actual goal. (Not counting the goal in the 2nd minute which wasn’t given (offside)). After that, they turned the tempo down-apparently content with this goal. However, they weren’t to know, that this one goal would only prove to be a sixth of the actual goals scored. Yes, that’s six goals. Five in the second half. Can you guess who scored next? Germany? Nope!

Second half:

Both teams came out for a win in the second half. The Greeks apparently buoyed by a half-time talk and after 10 minutes they managed a goal after a quick cross and a bit of a fumble. The crowd went crazy, heck we went crazy! As far as, everyone was concerned the Greeks were back in it! It was 1-1. But, 19 minutes later, the graceful, patient Germans had created a neat 4-1 lead. Greek fans were consoled slighty, by a fantastic penalty (from a soft handball) which brought the Germans lead to only two goals.

Final score:


And so…

The Greeks had the belief, the Germans had more. The Greeks played well, the Germans better. In fact the only pro- that can be taken from this was Neuer’s horrendous penalty save (ie. he didn’t save it). If you can get the Germans to penalties, you may be able to take them down. Although, history wouldn’t agree with that. But, then again, history didn’t agree with Greece tonight.

Germany had four different goal-scorers tonight, none of whom had scored in the tournament so far. Which means that Germany have had 7 different goal-scorers of their nine goals so far. Plus, they have potential goal-scorers in Ozil and Muller. And everyone knows even Neuer loves a bit of the goal-scoring fame. From an England fan’s perspective this isn’t looking great. (Or an Italians perspective for that matter.)


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