How the girl at the bus-stop changed my perspective

We like to believe that other people are out to get us. To make us unhappy. To make our lives harder. When in actual fact the majority of people, (I would in fact say all of the people the majority of the time-but this is highly debatable) are just genuinely, simply going about their daily lives, living as best they can and trying to not get in your way.


For example, take me yesterday. I was waiting at a bus stop. Had been for 10-ish minutes. I was happy minding my own business listening to music and staring at my feet. As any unassuming citizen does these days. I was seated at the bus stop-a couple of metres from the actual stop. I’d had a bad day. Arguments with family. Up-coming arguments with friends I could tell. My opinion on people in general was lingering between annoyance and hatred. Next thing I knew a girl hurriedly ran past me and stuck her arm out to request the bus. The same one I needed, but being in my good-citizen-looking-at-my-feet-minding-my-own-business-contemplating-my-bad-future mood, I had in actual fact not seen. I stood up to get on the bus, she’d stopped and she, despite being much closer to the bus than me, tired from her run and the actual requester of the bus, allowed me on first. Simply and kindly because she knew I was there first, and that I’d waited longer. Probably no-one else around us even noticed, probably she herself just thought it was normal.

But me?

It basically made my day.


People are genuine. They are nice. They have similar problems to you. Or they have had. Or they will have. Life goes on.

Your problems change. But people’s don’t.


10 thoughts on “How the girl at the bus-stop changed my perspective

  1. Oh i know that people are out to get us but when finanly do give in and let them have us and see us and know us wholely they then no longer want us or desire us any more like we’re just not enough for them like they EXPECTED us to be somthing more than we are when all we were is all we are

    • Thank you! I appreciate the comment (and the follow!) It’s true how such little things can make us completely change our opinions on things. Usually it involves people because we are all always so judgemental of others, that when they do something we don’t expcect, we change are opinions on them ‘180 degrees’ 😛 🙂

  2. Despite the generally not-so-nice-behavior of people that we see everyday, there are still plenty of good, fine folks around. It does make you feel good, doesn’t it?

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