Day 16 of Euros

Our third quater-final is


Spain are current World and European Champions.

France have not got to the knock-out stage of a tournament since 2006 where they lost  in the final.

Spain are favourites. France could be the under-dogs if anyone actually gave them a hope in hell. The only statistic going in their favour is that Spain have never beaten France in an actual tournament.

First half:

Rather tepid from France, but extremely attacking from Spain. Their passing is mesmerising. For about five minutes, then you realise it probably has the powerful ability to make you fall asleep. They counteract this effect with random fast paced attacks that seemed to scare the French. It appeared that the French may possibly have decided to play ‘park the bus’ instead of football, but Spain still scored in the 19th minute from a lovely cross and downward header from Alonso. ‘Park the bus’ became ‘speed down the road, breaking all the traffic codes in an attempt to get back into the game’. But they didn’t.

Second half:

France came out in a much more attacking style, and Spain were slightly diminished, giving away possession more easily than usual. But the thing about the Spaniards, that makes them so hard to beat, is that they chase and chase and chase. They got it back time after time after time. And if it wasn’t for Torres actually playing in an offside position, they may have put more past the French. The French had shots, some on target, and special credit goes to Ribery constantly chasing and tackling. It seemed that possibly they could bring it back, that is until someone brought down Pedro in the box and Alonso put away a penalty against a visibly distressed French goalkeeper.

End score:

SPAIN 2-0 France

And so….

Our first semi-final is SPAIN vs. PORTUGAL. The battle of Iberia.

Spain will be hard, if not impossible to beat. But we all knew that. Can the Portuguese do it? If they can’t can the Germans/English/Italians do it? Who knows, but I will definitely be checking that game out!

France maybe deserved a goal in credit for their trying, but their game wasn’t up to much. France continue their bad run. In 2008, they drew one tournament game, lost two. In 2010, they drew one tournament game, lost two. This year they won one, drew one, and lost two. A pattern? Can they improve for 2014. They are in the same qualifying group as Spain, so their chances of even getting there are slim.

What do you think? Who can go all the way? Do France need a re-think after another abysmal tournament? How do solve a problem like Spain?


2 thoughts on “Day 16 of Euros

    • To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure France have the players or the team to actually play at the top level yet. Yes, they do have very good players with style but they are not a ‘team’, yet. Spain-Portugal will be very good, especially as Portugal have shown that they are one of very few teams who really ‘want’ this Euros, so they will give Spain the game of their lives.

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