Day 17 of Euros

Sorry this is late, but in between starting work experience/ crying myself to sleep/ staying up half the night/ crying myself to sleep/ waking up early/ crying myself to sleep, I just haven’t had the time. (Ooops, did I give away the score then…?)

Our fourth quarter-final is


Italy last won a knock-out in 2006.

England also last won a knock-out in 2006.

I don’t think a favourite actually exists. Odds on is a draw. Although there does eventually have to be a winner. Whether it’s in normal time, extra time or penalties is anyone’s guess. As is the winner.

First half:

Fairly even. A very good chance early on, for both sides. But after that, it fell rather flat. England played very well, probably their best of the tournament. Fluid passing and only every three or four passes were to the Italians, which is a definite improvement. Despite England’s improved play, Italy were by far the better side and the English were lucky not to  be trailing. Score: 0-0

Second half:

Much the same here, to be honest. Once again Italians with more possession, mor passes, better pass completion rate, blah blah blah. Those, however, do not win games. Unless you’re Spanish. Italians made three changes which barely affected the game. England brought on Carroll, who got some nice headers in, Walcott who made no significant contribution and Henderson, who, despite the deep intakes of breath and expletives that occurred when Parker was substituted, didn’t mess up. Score: 0-0.

First half of extra time:

Oh  gosh, it’s getting repetitive but…much the same here also. Italy attacking, England defending and lucky not to be trailing. Score: 0-0

Second half of extra time:

See above.


More commonly known as ‘the best way to beat a deflated English football team.’ And don’t the Italians know it.  Balotelli beat his team-mate Hart. Gerrard beat Buffon.


Montolivo missed. Rooney scored!!!!


England are in with a great, big, masssivoo chance here. Oh wait. No. Because they don’t really like winning penalties. Pirlo scores the most beautiful, ruthless penalty I have ever seen and Young misses.


So, even stevens, just the way we like it. And Nocerino, a sub, scores and Cole misses.


Diamante, also a sub, scores this England are out. Hart saves, England are given the second chance they always seem to need. But, alas, the Italians are too good.


And that’s it. Out of another tournament. In a quarter-final, on penalties. The round stays the same, the form of elimination stays the same; only the opposition changes.

End score:

ITALY 0-0 England.

A.e.t. ITALY 0-0 England

Penalties ITALY 4-2 England

And so….

Spain vs. Portugal on Wednesday.

Italy vs. Germany on Thursday. A day I had inexplicably kept free.

The final on Sunday.

Who can do it? How can England improve for Brazil? What was your opinion on the penalties/game?


14 thoughts on “Day 17 of Euros

  1. The better team won, definitely. And Pirlo, a master-class in midfield play and a cheeky, arrogant penalty. There is only one other person who would have done it (and pulled it off) in such a heated and tense situation with that kind of attitude…Cantona!

  2. it was a great match, one thing i will say, thats why i dont like rooney, he missed so many chances , he only scores for manchester united, and this is the only reaason im the fan of david beckham. pirlo penalty was a class, bad luck wid english team , two of the black players missed the penalty and now the racism must be going on. but the match was memorable, 1st match to go into extra time and then on to penalties .
    but the way i see it, ENgland succesfully avoided germans into the semi-finals,
    i think italy cannot make it

    • Ive never liked Rooney, he doesn’t try hard enough and doesn’t care as much as other England players or the fans. Racism is still sadly an issue in football, hopefully John Terry getting punished will help with that. Its true- in a way its better to lose to Italy on penalties than to lose 10-0 to Germany. I hope Portugal win-they have played proper football the whole tournament, in my opinion.

      • jhon terry made many clearances for england in that match, there were two shinning stars in the match , Buffon and jhon terry . yeah its the poor management of spanich couch bosque due to which players are lacking understanding during the match, spain has so many mid fielders given by barca and bosque doesnt know how to handle them, c.7 is in a great form, but i have feelings that he and rooney are always the same, never score in the main match and never score for their country in trouble.
        but just like england and italy , it will be a awesome match .

        • Thats true he did, as did Hart in the 120 minutes. Haha! Its insane how they play with no striker! Its hard for Boqsue because he wants to pick players that work well together, but that means basically picking the whole Barca team, except the Barca striker isnt spanish so he has a problem. It will definitely be a good match, but i might not be able to watch it! 😥 Ronaldo is a hundred times the player rooney will ever be, but your right sometimes he just doesn’t turn up to the match.

  3. Bosque had been a couch of madrid when madrid had zidane, beckham,figo,Roberto carlos, ROnaldo, micheal oven , lol any one can win wid a team like that there is no credit to bosque, same is the case right now, all the players have been given to spain by barcelona and bosque is asshole,. and lol thats true Barcelona with out messi becomes Spain .
    C.7 is a good player but he cannot take the place of Luis figo,
    spain midfield has understanding on barcelona format only if all the three midfielders are the barca ones. he is a jerk that he puts david silva in place of cesc ,tho david silvai is a great player, then if toress cannot score a goal give chance to pedro, lol he used cesc the midfielder as a striker against france, the thing is france is also a team of loser with out zidane, i bet if zidane was playing in that match , france had mad it to the finals.

    • The strange thing about spain and barca is that barca actually play football that i enjoy, spain are just kind of boring and that might be bosque’s fault. I think bosque assumes that if barca can win things, spain will as well, but bosque is no guardiola.
      france need a loooong time to build up their squad and understanding, they used to be good (with zidane-but he played for a spanish team anyway)- i dont seee them winning anything soon.

  4. lol even i got bored from the quarter final match which spain played 😀
    yep u r totally right, yeah guardiola is great , and if spain won the worldcup, the credit goes to guardiola and barcelona cox 7-8 players were playing from barcelona,
    in the beginning i used to feel sorry for france, when i was a kid. i was a french supporter due to zidane, but since he football, i also stopped loving madrid and france , i became a barca fan.
    theiry henry was also a great player that french had but he was also useless with out zidane, that was the reason france got kicked out in 1st round of worldcup 2010

    • definitely, while i see that guardiola needs a break i hope he returns to football soon, because he is such a great influence to the game.
      France do have good players its just about bringing them together as a team, which isnt going to happen if they keep changing coaches.
      I just hope england can keep going up and improving!

      • yeah totally, and i think pep should also be the couch of the international team. i have never seen any couch who get so deep into the game, shouting at players, when they score a goal jumping and dancing, he was the best couch ever barca can ever have.
        oww so now i get it, its the couch thing with france. yeah i also noticed it they had players like ribery,benzema,nasri but still cudnt win.
        and about last night match, spain only played well in the extra time.but one again my theory proved to be correct , c.7 failed to make any huge difference for his team. infact the way i see it
        Portagal team lost their trust in c.7 after he missed 5 free kicks that they didnt even let him take the penalty 😛

        • He would have to manage the spanish team because he is so passionate, but yes defineitely he could!
          Truee, I couldn’t watch the match because i was out celebrating the end of exams, the fact that he had at least 5 free kicks none of which he converted, and whatever the story is with the penalty- it doesn’t matter- he usually misses in shoot-outs anyway.

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