The second and last semi-final. Germany are favourites as most people have been enjoying their football very much so far, myself included and I would very much like to see a Spain, Germany final. However, they have an awful record against Italy, losing to them in the semi-finals in 2006. Italy were not expected to get this far, really. But they did, and the did it well. They have all the hopes in the world, as long as they take their chances, they can win.

First half

Both teams started well and efficiently and effectively. Italy scored first in the 20th minute, from a Balotelli header. Balotelli celebrated in what we would call, a ‘controlled’ manner. ie. he didn’t reveal any rude slogans, say anything rude, mime anything rude, etc. etc. The Germans were yet to not win a game this tournament and it was the first time they had gone behind. One would expect their reaction to be fast paced and efficient. It was but the goal never came. Balotelli scored another fine goal (36′) this time deciding to take off his t-shirt (yellow card).

Second half

The Germans came out all attacking. The Italians came out happy to whatever was needed. They defended for long periods of time, but would get straight back up the pitch when they could and attack for a while. It seems, their energy is endless. Towards the end of 90 minutes, when the score was 0-2, the Germans got everybody up front (and the Italians) including the goal keeper. It seemed the great influx of people caused some confusion and a hand ball was given in stoppage time. Ozil put the penalty away n-i-c-e-l-y and typically German-like. It wasn’t enough however, and some people’s favourites for a win, went out in the semi’s again.


Final score

Germany 1-2 ITALY


Could Germany have played better? Were Italy just too defensive? Can the Italians be beaten? Can the Spaniards be beaten? Who do you see as European Champions 2012?




5 thoughts on “GERMANY vs. ITALY

  1. I though Germany would go through but Balotelli turned out to be too much to handle. That second goal was insane :).

  2. Wanted Italy to go through but thought Germany would go through. Same logic applies to tonight’s final… Wants Italy to win but thinks Spain will win it.

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