SPAIN vs. PORTUGAL (updated)

And so begins the point where we little down the best 4 in Europe to the best 2  in Europe. Spain are the current European AND World champions are the Favourites. However, Portugal have many good players and have reached the last four in recent tournaments.


SPAIN 0-0 Portugal


SPAIN 0-0 Portugal

Both teams played rather inhibited football. Less than 10 shots off target for both teams which is usual for Spain who like to pass around a lot. However, Portugal are a very ‘shooting’ team. As far as they are concerned the more shots, the more goals. Definitely not Spain’s motto. On the other hand, whilst Spain had some shots on target; Portugal had zero on target. Whether that’s through lack of chance or lack control is neither here nor there. The fact is, no shots on target is p-o-o-r. I have been told my lovely follower on the previous SPAIN vs. PORTUGAL blog, that Ronaldo had 5 free-kicks which he missed, which is atrocious from him. However, Portugal must have played fairly well to have kept Spain out for the whole 120 minutes.


Neither team scored the first penalty. But both scored the second. Ramos completed a lovely ‘Pirlo/Panenka’ penalty and Nani scored Portugal’s third.

This put the teams at 2-2.

Spain scored again, but Portugal missed. Alves went up to take Portugal’s third, but Nani pulled him back and went up instead. Alves took the fourth but missed. Did that confusion destroy his concentration?

3-2 after four penalties. Spain score and they win. Spain miss and Portugal’s fifth penalty taker (Ronaldo) had the chance to bring them the game back. But the Spanish penalty taker was Fabregas. And, no. He didn’t miss

SPAIN  4-2 Portugal

Could Spain have put the game to bed in normal time/extra time?

Did Portugal play well enough to win?

Or did they deserve to go out, even if it was in the cruelest of ways?

Why didn’t Ronaldo score?

Why didn’t Spain score?


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