Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

A teeny bit late- I’m sorry- but here we go.

So, CREATE! In my opinion, every single person on WordPress who blogs, has ‘created’ something almost as incredible as a work of art or a novel or a classic film. Blogging takes time and hard work and creativity and you have to care. All these things are needed to ‘create’ somethine worth having. However, posting a picture of my blog as this week’s photo challenge is not only a bit of a cheat but also boring. So I had a long hard wearyquick look around my room and found a piece of ‘art’ I ‘created’ a while ago.

My hand-made creation that inspires me to live life everyday. Whether you jump out of bed or slowly slide out in the morning, everyday can always get better.

It says,

‘Of course, the corallary is, that by living each day as it’s your last, you dramatically increase the chances that it actually is.’

It’s a quote from one of my favourite books and the letters are cut out from magazines and newspapers. These are then backed onto a cinema timetable. I like it because of the long word (corallary) and because it looks so randomly put together. This ‘creation’ hangs next to my bed and I see it when I wake up and then again when I go to bed. It reminds me that life is worth living every single day and you can’t let a moment go past you without experiencing it fully.


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