5 more tips from a new-ish blogger

  1. Be good at TIME KEEPING. This means that if you know that in two weeks time, you will be waaaay too busy to blog, write some general posts now, keep them for two weeks, and then slowly drip-feed them into your blog. It’s easier, quicker and ensures your blog stays alive even when you’re busy. Good posts for this sort of thing are reviews, lists, poems as they are relatively timeless and people will be unaware you wrote them two weeks ago.
  2. Ask QUESTIONS. I spent a good week or two getting ‘likes’ on my posts but no comments. Then after a nice quick lookie at WordPress’ ‘help’ pages, I discovered that simply asking questions throughout and especially at the end of your post, you can ensure more comments. This is because questions make people think more, jog their memory and (in a typically childish way) kind of make them want to answer them. Questions guarantee more comments.
  3. READ other blogs.

                      “The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.” Jeff Jarvis. ’nuff said

4. I would hope everyone knows this, but WRITE PROPERLY! There are many, many, many people on WordPress whose first language is not the language that you write in. The majority of my readers are not from English-speaking countries so are going to have trouble if you write in slang or spell incorrectly or basically just write jibberish. Even if their first language is English it can be difficult. I have been on many an American blog and not actually understood everything because of mannerisms/slang/colloquial language.

5. TAKE NOTE. Keep a journal or a memo pad or a note on you phone with you at all times so that even when you’re away from a computer you can still jot down ideas/blog titles. (If you can carry a camera too.) Also, keep a pen and pad by your bed. Countless times, I’ve been lying in bed and have had an amazing idea, convinced I’d remember it in the morning but then.. it’s gone. Write it down!


2 thoughts on “5 more tips from a new-ish blogger

  1. I’d add: Get a smartphone with the right apps and data plan… Enable that Guerilla Blogger within you, allowing you to make posts as and when you get an idea (and a few spare minutes). You can always tidy a post at a laptop or desktop later.

    • Thanks for the follow and comment. I agree, if you can get apps, then yes they are perfect. Its so easy to write a blog while on the train or bus if you have an app, and that way you are using your ‘free time’ to blog, which is useful is you have a busy lifestyle.

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