Why run when you could walk?

Today, I had what I think is known as an ‘epiphany’. As in my brain exploded and I realised that something I had believed for a very long time was in fact completely false.


I wasn’t sad. Not like when I found out Santa wasn’t ‘real’.

I wasn’t worried. Not like when I found out the FA had sacked our manager a few months before Euro’s.

I wasn’t even disturbed by the thought. Not like when I heard about the Spice Girls ‘musical’. (No disrespect here. I like the Spice Girls but ABBA did that already, alright?)


No this thought, this epiphany didn’t disturb me in any way.

What happened?

I finally understood why so many people don’t run. I finally understood the point of not running. I finally understood why I have a fear of trainers.

Running is useless and crap. Yes it gets you ‘fit’. Yes it keeps you ‘fit’. But otherwise, seriously, who cares? I used to, definitely. I would force myself into trainers that hurt like hell, out of my house and onto the hill I unescapably live on. And I would force, yes force, myself to run. And run. At time I was doing this ‘running’ three or four times a week. But today, I woke up, after a nice long sleep after a long, long week and realised that I hate, hate running. It makes me sick to even think of it. And what’s worse, is that I am actually a reasonably fit person. I can swim a couple of miles before my body even realises that’s ‘real’ exercise. I can cycle for-everrr. So why, this weird addiction with running? Why do I feel it’s the only way to stay fit? It’s not like I even need to run in real-life. Not like swimming which you need to, you know, have fun on a beach holiday. Or cycling which is lovely to do in summer to see a city or something. But running? You don’t need that. Why run when you could walk? There’s no slower version of swimming or cycling.


Being actually fit does not need to involve painful and boring runs. Swimming and cycling counts just as much. So does the cross-trainer and rowing. And spin classes and yoga. Me? I like fitness DVD’s and cardio. Cardio is almost like fun running. Gets your heart pumping but doesn’t hurt your feet.


The only small problem with my logic here, is that running is so easy to do; you need nothing. Swimming involves, hey, a pool; cycling , oooh just a bike. Running just needs space. And also, I know that despite the idea of running actually making me feel desperately ill, when I have actually gone for a run, even just a short one, after I feel so good. Like I’ve achieved something. I think ‘endorphins’ are released (correct me if that’s wrong) and these make me feel good. Happy and ready-to-go.


So here I have this dilemma. Do I run despite hating it and much preferring the just as good swimming or cycling. Or do I stick it out, because the end result is a much desired endorphin release which makes me feel good?


5 thoughts on “Why run when you could walk?

  1. Well, the way I see it, you should only run if it’s something you really want to do. If you feel you have to force yourself to run, then don’t. You probably won’t get as much out of it if you do it feeling forced to. Unless you’re training for something, then you should run regardless of how you feel, but if you’re just doing it as a way to stay fit, then maybe finding another way to exercise will work better for you.

    I’m not saying, I’m just saying. : )

    • Thanks for the comment. I kind of agree with you but its difficult. I dont know if the energy it takes me to actually get up and run outweighs the feel-good factor I get from running. I do enjoy DVDs and swimmming more so I think i’ll focus on that more from now on 🙂
      Thanks for ‘saying; 😀

  2. I know, running can be a love-hate relationship. I love running, I’ve been running for several years now, but some mornings I know I have planned to run that day, but it’s hard to get myself to do it. I will have that conflict of: it makes me feel good after I’ve done it, but it doesn’t feel good to actually start running. It’s a conundrum that comes up every day whether I like it or not! Maybe take a break from running and focus on what you really enjoy doing, and then try reintroducing it later and see if it appeals to you then!

    • That’s actually a really good idea! I might give it until the end of summer and then try again when the weather cools down? But you’re right, it’s a difficult conflict because running does make you feel good….ah well! thanks for the comment.

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