Why do youngsters pick up ‘technological stuff’ better than the older generation?

A few weeks ago my grandparents handed me their new camera and asked how did they look at the pictures. Now I know how to do this. I know I need to find a ‘review’ button, or a ‘show’ button or a ‘gallery’ button. My grandparents know this as well. They just have no idea how to find this button. I, despite never having seen this particular camera in my life, can find it straight away, just from looking and playing around with it. A small child who had only ever seen one camera could do it as well. So why couldn’t my grandparents?

My grandparents and I, have actually probably seen the same amount of cameras in both of our lives. So why is it so much easier for me to use one than them? For me to adapt the information I already know to a new situation and find an answer?

My first thought, was, age. Your brain changes with age, it slows down. But my grandparents play bridge (the hardest card game) to a high level. They can ‘do’ countdown better than anyone I know. They know all the answers on gameshows and can beat anyone at Trivia Pursuit. They always win Scrabble. They read lots and do Sudokus. So why can’t they work a camera?

I recently read this is Shortlist (a free newspaper in London),

‘…now a digital savvy brain is already different from a literary brain as well. There are different ganglias and things hanging off it, which is fascinating.’

If this is true, that younger brains actually look different and can therefore do different things to the older generation, what can we expect in the future? Eyes that see differently? Ears that hear differently?


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