And what did England do to deserve that!?

Have FIFA gone crazy? Did someone mix up the facts and figures from our last European tournament? Or has someone just decided it might be a wee bit funny to tell the whole world, WHOLE WORLD, that the English football team are the 4th, FOURTH, best in the Whole. Entire. World. Yup, the only teams that beat them are Spain, Germany and Uruguay.

Spain are an obvious 1st. They have won the last two European cups and the last World Cup. It would be absolutely lud-i-crous to assume anyone could even take that place off them. Germany, in at second, are a slight surprise, but only slight. They got to the semi-finals of this competition and came in third at the World Cup. Fairplay. Uruguay in at a nice and tidy third are also thoroughly deserving. They came in fourth at the World Cup two years ago and won the Copa America (South American equivalent of the Euro’s) last year.


On the other hand went out of the World Cup at the last-sixteen stage and went out of this tournament in the quarterfinals. So what have they done to deserve a fourth place ranking? Italy beat England and yet are two places below them (6th) with almost 100 fewer points. Now, considering this is done on a four-year basis, in a way, that does make sense; Italy went out before the knock-outs even happened in the World Cup two years ago.

But what about Portugal? The team in fifth, who got further than England in this tournament and just as far in the last. They actually lost by a smaller difference aswell. So why are England above them?

Take into account the fact that England didn’t even take part in the 2008 tournament; they really shouldn’t be above any big European teams! Why is it like this then? Any ideas? It can’t be based on possession (England had none). It can’t be based on passing (they didn’t). It can’t be based on beating big teams (they haven’t in a long, long time.)

So what is it? Is it just FIFA making fun of us? Well that’s a big, fat LOL to you then FIFA, because no-one takes these rankings seriously anymore!


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