Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

I am so late again. I’m cutting it so fine I know; I have literally 107 minutes to upload this picture using my very old phone and very dodgy internet connection. And, to be completely honest, it’s not a great picture. ‘Fleeting moment’ doesn’t say much to me. It makes me think of chaos. Of daily life. Of a moment in time. And moments can very rarely be ca

A moment in time that was fleeting. But can you tell what it was like from this one captured moment?

ptured by a camera. They are captured by our hearts and our heads and our minds. By smells and tastes and feelings. But here we go anyway.

Looking at this picture you’d probably think I was at a great club or concert. Having a fantastic night out listening to some great tunes, dancing the night away. Probably a little drunk and maybe even high. The lights are bright and glaring; the music loud and pounding. Well, you’d be wrong.

This picture is from when I went to a very grotty club to see a very *interesting* band. My friend said they were very good but I now realise she had clearly never seen them before as they were just ‘boys from her school’. ‘Boys from her school’?!? I forked out £5 to see ‘boys from her school’?! Were they good? I actually don’t remember. They can’t have been great because I left half way through to phone a friend and have a chat. But they can’t have been bad because I took a picture. Why would I take a picture if it was bad? Unless, it was so bad I felt I needed a remeinder to never, EVER, see some random band ever again.

Life cannot be summed up in one picture; one quote; one moment. And a ‘fleeting moment’ cannot tell a whole story. Don’t ever take a picture at face value. Don’t assume you know a whole story. Don’t assume you know someone because you met them once. Don’t make assumptions based on one look or one meet or one show. Because you may have only seen a fleeting moment of a completely different tale.


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