My version of Freshly Pressed :D

Many people blog about how they desperately wants to be Freshly Pressed. Being Freshly Pressed brings more traffic to your site, more comments, more followers, and, ultimately, your ‘popularity’ increases.

But, in all honesty, most of us will never get Freshly Pressed.

“WHY NOT?!?!” I hear you scream.

It’s not because we’re not good bloggers.

It’s not because we don’t write really well.

It’s not because we don’t photograph really well.


It’s because Freshly Pressed favours those who bake.

Or ‘create’.

Or take ‘artistic’ photos.

And no disrespect to them, if you love what you do then do it!

But for those of us who blog about other things and for those of us who want to read about other things, Freshly Pressed isn’t exactly getting it right. A lot of blogs are a load of random jibberish. But that’s what some us want.

So that’s what I want to do; highlight blogs that Freshly Pressed misses. Highlight to the blogging world new blogs which no-one has yet found. Highlight the blogs that make me laugh or cry or think-even if they contain spelling mistakes or are too new or are a bit rude or are silly.

So every other day or so, I’ll write a post about a blog that I enjoy or I think others will. You don’t have to check out the blog but if it’s something you like the look of; check it out!

Blogging is about the community; ideas, thoughts, laughs, tips, videos, photos, essays, poems.


Everyone who ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ will have their blog checked out by me, and (usually), I will eventually blog about here so others can see the wonder of your blog. Alternatively email me here :-

to suggest yours or others blogs that I could check out.

Let’s bring the blogging community together!


3 thoughts on “My version of Freshly Pressed :D

    • That’s so true. the point of having a blog is to write for yourself and whoever wants to read it. not for hundreds of randoms who only click on your blog because freshly pressed said it was good 🙂

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