Blogging IS hard

Blogging is hard. There, I’ve said it. I’ve let the world know that writing for a couple of hours a week on a blog is Hard. Work. It just is.


For a while I had some ideas of why:

  • You always need to have the best-est or the new-est or unique-est ideas and that takes effort and time which is hard.
  • Replying to comments and follows takes time which is hard.
  • Trying to find your way around something you’ve never done before is hard.
  • Keeping up with posting and keeping to a schedule in a busy life is hard.

But you know what I actually think it is now? In blogging, there is no finished product. it’s not like making a dress or writing a book. You have to keep on going, knowing it will never end. You have to understand that your blog will never be perfect because it will always be evolving and changing.

What your blog was yesterday is not what it is today. It has changed. Through posts or comments or follows; it has changed and will never be the same. It will never be finished.

So, stop worrying about how your blog looks or what it shows, and just get on with writing and posting! As long as you keep blogging, your blog will never end and will never be finished; it will be ‘a work in progress’. Enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “Blogging IS hard

  1. i’m so glad i came across this post. i’ve just started my blog, and while i’m super-excited to be writing, i’m super-nervous about the task i’ve taken on. in starting my blog, i decided at the on-set not to put too much pressure on myself. it is, afterall, the perfection of life’s imperfections that gives us the reason to jot it all down.

    • lovely comment, because you are so right. there should be no pressure on you. YOU have chosen to blog for YOUR creative outlet and that is YOUR choice- no-one elses. good luck with everything- i wish you so well. and i love what you said about imperfections- without them we wouldn’t know perfection anyway 😀

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