Magic Mike

Or, ‘the story of a young kid who becomes a stripper and then a drug dealer and … and then that’s the end.’

Magic Mike. Ma-gi-cal Mi-key. The supposed story of a very fit stripper who does it for the money and the women. Channing Tatum plays the ‘leading’ role of Mike and we begin the story with him, rather strangely, working on a construction site. This is where he meets a young kid (too young to drink in America – a lot of which he does in the movie) who eventually needs a job. Fast forward a bit and, predictably, this young kid is told to do an ‘improvised’ strip tease to the women in the club. Instead he goes out and snogs the face off one. Hey ho, it could get better right?

Ermmm. We then meet the ‘love interest’. We think. There is, however another woman on the scene but to be honest I’m not sure who she was and what the point of her was. Aside from the stripping, this was the only good and kind of realistic part of the movie; the ‘love story’. Or at least the beginning of it. It’s jokey and full of banter. It’s uncomfortable and unknowing. And the ending’s predictable, but aren’t they all?

The main reason everyone (women) saw Magic Mike? The Stripping. And of that, there was just enough. Not too much; not too little. Just enough to whet the appetite and, in my opinion, the strippers came across as dedicated and professional. A few slightly less well-known faces bring originality and spark, while old faces keep our faith. My favourite was Adam Rodriguez. He’s the fittie from CSI and it’s always interesting to see how an actor develops and uses the experience of acting a different genre to improve themselves.

Back to the young kid. He basically goes predictably crazy with all his money, spending it on women and drugs and getting in trouble with ‘gangs’. I didn’t really understand the relationship between Mike and the kid. Presumably Mike is the ‘teacher’ and the kid the ‘student’, but it all unravels once the drugs come into play.

All in all, not great but perfect for a girls night out.


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