post for blogs: patto1992

Found this blog during Euro’s 2012, GREAT.




It’s a blog about many things but mainly centred on football and especially transfers.


Every other day or so. Sometimes every day. Sometimes every three days.



I like it because of the detailed analyses of players, matches and clubs with no bull like many newspapers like to give you. Also has own ideas about players and clubs that are interesting to read. Is happy to have a bit of a ‘disagreement’ or post slightly controversial ideas (see below.)

Anything else?

Perfect for any football fan. Has own opinions that don’t sound as if they’ve been plucked from a newspaper or television. Makes for entertaining and dare-I-say-it, almost enlightening reading.

Favourite post?

 Explains how, despite missing two one-on-ones, Ronaldo was still the best player (Match 2 of Group B games) . I was in complete disagreement before I read this, but patto1992 changed my mind!


2 thoughts on “post for blogs: patto1992

  1. Thanks for this, I really appreciate it! I have to say I have been impressed with your blog too, straight from the off you offered something different in my opinion and have a wide range of articles which have caught my attention

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