Apologies…Olympics…You wing it, you win it :)

First and foremost I want to apologise for the complete lack of posting in recent times. It has been exactly…nine days since I last posted :O , and, although I’m sure that probably hasn’t impacted on your life too much, I am sorry. It sucks when you follow a blog and that bloggee fails to post for ages, especially if you actually like what they post. Which I hope most of you do regarding moi…. 😉


Anyway, moving on to The. Most. Important. Thing going on at the moment.




We Londoners thought these days would never come but here we are, on the second day of all the sport and although GB lacks any medal so far, today is a day of swimming, which in my household we are avidly watching with hopes of a few gold from Becky Adlington.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to watch five of the nine laps (we left after the fifth in order to find a good pub to watch the sprint in) of the road race with my dad. We had originally planned to go to a part of the course where the riders passed once but had chanced on a section they actually passed nine times. Result!

Despite team GB staying in the Peloton for most of this part, my dad managed to convince me they would catch up eventually. They didn’t. It was however a great day and we were fortunate to pick a spot to watch it right next to some cycling enthusiasts who told us everything we needed to know!

You wing it, you win it!


I personally loved the opening ceremony. It did go on for a very long time but that’s kind of th point. What I want to know is how people around the world thought of it? Was it too ‘British’? Was it understandable/relevant/enjoyable? And who are you supporting!?


Hope everyone enjoys the olympics, you have any questions about any sports just ask! I watch a lot of sport and should be able to help you out! 🙂


Quick Cycling Terms:

The Leader:- the person/people at the front of the race. Can be one person, two people or a whole group.

The Chase:- the person/people just behind the leader. Is usually a whole group and will be typically just behind (15-30 seconds behind)

The Peloton:- this is the biggest group. At the beginning this will likely be the leader and can be the chase later on. However, it will usually be the third group from the front (around 1- 6 minutes behind the leader).


Watch out for:-

Today is Rebecca Adlington’s day (a team GB swimmer)

Today is also the women’s cycling road race

Next weekend are the two marathons

Next Sunday (5th) is the 100m men’s final.


[Quick side note. Although I do live in London, and although I do adore sport, not all of my posts will be olympics related because I know some people are already going mad about it!]


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