What is momentsnotmemories?

Moments not memories is about the day-to-day of life.  It’s about living for the here and now. It’s about not worrying about photos or memories or souvenirs of a life. If a life is well lived you’ll have the stories to show for it, not the photos or videos. If a person is well loved they’ll have the feelings and emotions to show for it. And if you’re happy? You’ll have the smile to show for it! (:

This blog is not for venting or moaning. It’s not a blog of my hopes and dreams and successes and failures. It’s not about me at all really (I’m not vain enough for that!) but about the experiences of life. Don’t expect many photos. While I value a good photo-after all many are worth more than a thousand words-few of mine are good enough that they would in any way override any words I have to say.

This blog is for me to write and for you to read, soak up, digest and comment if you should so wish. (You can also email me @ momentsnotmemories@hotmail.co.uk) I’ll write about news, fashion, sports. I’ll write reviews of books, films, songs, ideas.

I want people to see my views, understand them and then know that theirs may be different but just as important.

I want to write, and be read.

Don’t expect stories of hope and glory or tales of gore. I’m here to write things to be read. Whatever comes to my mind, whatever I see fit to be read. That’s all.

Live for the moment, not the memory. Live for the day itself and not the day it will be in years to come. Be the hero today; be the villain today. Be the bystander or the leader of today. Live in today and not yesterday or tomorrow. Forget about consequences. But remember ideas.  Forget about faces but remember people. Forget the gossip and remember the stories. Forget about facts and remember emotion. Forget about the memory, remember the moment.

Oh, and thanks! So, so, SO SO much for reading me if you do!


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