Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

I am so late again. I’m cutting it so fine I know; I have literally 107 minutes to upload this picture using my very old phone and very dodgy internet connection. And, to be completely honest, it’s not a great picture. ‘Fleeting moment’ doesn’t say much to me. It makes me think of chaos. Of […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

A teeny bit late- I’m sorry- but here we go. So, CREATE! In my opinion, every single person on WordPress who blogs, has ‘created’ something almost as incredible as a work of art or a novel or a classic film. Blogging takes time and hard work and creativity and you have to care. All these things […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Most people took this to mean, ‘close’ as in to person like in love. For example to lovers or siblings. I however, thought this photo was more fun. This is from the time, about a year ago, when I was waiting outside Fountain Studios (in London, near Wembley Stadium) for the X-factor contestants to turn up. […]