About me (Holly-the writer behind the blog :)

I’m currently studing but I’ve just taken exams and am excitedly (JK) awaiting the results. In the Autumn I hope to study English, Geography, French and Spanish. After two years of doing that, I’m going to travel the world (hopefully :)) and try to convince my parents that university isn’t for me. Then I hope to get a job in journalism, publishing, translating but I’ll be happy with anything that pays a decent wage!

I enjoy watching football, reading, swimming, hanging out, listening to any type of music, watching black-and-white comedies with grandparents, seeing new places – be it a new country, city or just local corner shop-, going to gigs, drinking with friends and now, blogging!


chocolate raisins (food)

mojito (drink)

I’ll never forget you , the Noisettes (song)

Arsenic and Old Lace (film)

Ice Road Truckers (T.V. programme)

My top 5 Books (because I have way to many favourites)

1.Confessions of a Fallen Angel (2008) Ronan O’brien

The bestest ever book by far. Words cannot explain it.

2.What the Portuguese au pair boy did (2011) ZR Bradley

A funny and heart-warming foreigners view of a typical South-Londoner’s life. Lovely-jubbly.

3.Burnt Toast (2006) Teri Hatcher

Makes you think, feel, laugh, cry.

4.The B***h in the House (2003) Various Authors

Pure, unedited but very truthful looks at the lives of women.

5.The List (2006) Aneva Stout

100% not what you expect, but ever, so lovely.

And I’m..

A Millwall supporter 🙂

An avid language learner (francais, espanol, deutsch…)

A  quite inconsistent but nonetheless happy runner

A hair-dye fanatic

All in all, your average 16 year old south Londoner 😀


I also blog at: girlslikethegame.wordpress.com . It’s almost entirely based on football but has some laughs as well 🙂

28 thoughts on “About me (Holly-the writer behind the blog :)

  1. Liking this blog, great reads overall. Check out mine when you have the time if you can! Though its Chelsea, not Millwall sorry haha. Tu parle le français eh?

    • Thanks Rooshil :), for the comment and the follow. Yeah, but coming from London, Im still subjected to watching and talking about Chelsea who, after their amazing Champions League triumph, I do actually have a little respect for 😀 Oui, je peux parler un peu mais ce n’est pas bien. 😉

      • Haha we aaree Champions of Europe, still can’t get over our win. Funny thing is anytime I choose a Championship club to manage in Football Manager, its either Millwall or Peterborough.
        Moi aussi, le dernière fois que j’étudié le français, il y a deux ans. Mais je peux parler suffisamment pour converser.

        • Oh, yeah Kenny Jackett? I actully quite like him and it’s good that Millwall have actually kept a manager for more than a couple of months 😛
          J’etudie le francais en ce moment. L’anne prochain, je l’etudierais et j’espere que je me ameliorais.

          • Haha it would quite an achievement if Millwall were to get promoted next season.
            J’ai l’intention d’étudier le français encore au collège, puis venir à Paris pour étudier les politiques pendant un semestre.

            • I would be a very, very happy lady if they did. WOW. 😀 anywayss, your french is veeery good! I ll try replying 😛
              Quand j’irais le college, je voyagerais tout le monde (j’espere) et je veux passer un ou deux mois a Paris. j’y suis allee une fois et je l’adore. Le politiques en francais serait tres dificil, non? bonne chance!

  2. Dear Holly,
    Thanks for the connection and leaving a comment over at my blog. It is a rarity to find a female football fan. By the way, where are you from?
    I am a huge fan of Arsenal and English football. The dismal performance of the English football team in the quarter-finals was a big let down. With my favorite team out of the tournament, it is difficult to stay up for a midnight match, so, I’m no longer watching the Euro. But I think Spain are the favorites to lift the trophy. Either way, it does not have any bearing personally. May the better team that play better football on night win the trophy!
    You have a wonderful blog and your writing style is excellent. Keep in touch and God bless!

    • I’m from London but can’t wait to get out and travel the world! It was a let down-It always is, and it’s hard because everyone in england loves football so much that we almost ‘deserve’ a win. I too, don’t mind who wins; out of the semi-finalists i would have liked portugal to win but it was nothing to me really. to be honest, once england are out, i find the games a bit boring.
      Thanks for your lovely comments, 🙂

  3. You appear to be absolutely fascinating and a very interesting writer/person. Best of luck with your studies… my career was journalism and I loved it. It’s exciting and fast-paced and all you’d hope it would be. Thanks for the follow and congrats on the awards!

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