Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins

“Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.” The second book in Collins’ series (the Hunger Games series) sees Katniss and Peeta re-enter the Hunger Games arena to fight to the death again. But this time, they are more prepared and, it appears, the enemy is no longer other contestants […]

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.” Despite the Hunger Games being a major film and book series now, when my Grandad got me the first book for Christmas, I actually had no idea about the series. In fact I was a tiny bit worried as sometimes my Grandaddy can […]

Bad Blood, Lorna Sage

“…but it’s (her childhood) not unpleasurable, although it is unhappy.” Bad Blood is the autobiography of a Lorna Sage from early childhood in her grandparent’s house to her teens in her parent’s house to her twenties as a completely different woman. Sage takes us via lonely but nonetheless satisfying times spent in the countryside, and shows […]

Whatever you Love, Louise Doughty

 “Is there any limit to the self-delusion human beings are capable of?” Whatever you Love is a deeply emotional and yet somehow blunt look at how humans and in this case a single mother deal with the aftermath of their child’s death. It appreciates the most rawest of feelings from shock to grief to hatred. The protagonist, […]

The Man of My Dreams, Curtis Sittenfeld

‘…what they want most is beauty…Just instinctively, to look at and enjoy.’ The Man of My Dreams is the story of a young woman and her relationships and how others relationships affect us in more ways than we assume. We meet her as a fourteen year old entranced by celebrity weddings, who meets an older guy. Nothing happens […]