Day 14 of Euros

Our first quater-final is CZECH REPUBLIC vs. PORTUGAL!!! Portugal were finalists in 2004. But lost to Greece. Czech Republic were finalists in 1996. But lost to Germany. Both of those teams will want to make up for those losses. Although it will be much fresher in the Portuguese minds. First half: Portugal were playing the […]

Day 13 of Euros

So, no actual football today- it’s the day when all the teams in the quarter-finals take a break, have a rest, train, whatever and make sure that they know their opponents inside out. Here is the schedule: Thursday (tomorrow)- Czech Republic vs. Portugal Friday- Germany vs. Greece Saturday- Spain vs. France Sunday- England vs. Italy […]

Day 1 of Euros

I will be doing a day-by-day reviews of everything going on in Poland and Ukraine this summer. This summer is, for those who do not know, the Euro’s, a European competition in which 16 teams (this year) take part in order to win a trophy. To non-football fans, it’s just a game. To football fans, […]