What is wrong with these monolingual English people?!

FYI- I am sorry if this is rushed and full of mistakes, I wrote it in an angered state after readin THIS absymal article.   Last October, I did a language/culture exchange trip to Santander in Spain. It was A-MA-ZING 😀 I loved every minute of it. Firstly, the weather was good. Secondly the people were […]

Should English (or American, Australian, etc.) children be forced to learn a foreign language in a World where English is fast becoming the lingua franca?

Currently, in England, foreign languages are only compulsory subjects from ages 7-14 (from 2010) and while all schools offer foreign languages at secondary school, not all schools make them compulsory at GCSE level (ages 14-16). This is in spite of all the recent economic crises, and unemployment rises that indicate that being able to speak […]