5 things to know before you begin any work experience

Working in an office is not like working in the office. It will (I guarantee) be boring at some points, if not all points. The people there will not be insane/unsociable rejects of normal society. They will be normal people with their own friends and their own lives; not there to make your work experience […]

Why do youngsters pick up ‘technological stuff’ better than the older generation?

A few weeks ago my grandparents handed me their new camera and asked how did they look at the pictures. Now I know how to do this. I know I need to find a ‘review’ button, or a ‘show’ button or a ‘gallery’ button. My grandparents know this as well. They just have no idea how to […]

How the girl at the bus-stop changed my perspective

We like to believe that other people are out to get us. To make us unhappy. To make our lives harder. When in actual fact the majority of people, (I would in fact say all of the people the majority of the time-but this is highly debatable) are just genuinely, simply going about their daily […]

5 ways to recognise someone who isn’t a football fan

They don’t know the difference between things like the Championship and the Champions League. Or one game and two legs. Or penalties and spot-kicks. Or away goals and home goals. Or a manager and a chairman. Or a forward and a midfielder and a right back. Or, and I promise you I know someone like […]

Should English (or American, Australian, etc.) children be forced to learn a foreign language in a World where English is fast becoming the lingua franca?

Currently, in England, foreign languages are only compulsory subjects from ages 7-14 (from 2010) and while all schools offer foreign languages at secondary school, not all schools make them compulsory at GCSE level (ages 14-16). This is in spite of all the recent economic crises, and unemployment rises that indicate that being able to speak […]