“It’s all I have”, I told the hungry eyes.

Today, I was having a hard day. Or a hard-ish day more like. I was shattered and waiting for the weekend desperately. I was hot. I was bored. And I’d been stuck in an office for about five hours. I needed a break. So I took a short walk outside my office building. Just around […]

And whatever you do today should be what you should have done the day before yesterday.

If it should have been done yesterday It will be done today. If it will be done today It could be done tomorrow. If you will do it tomorrow you will undoubtedly never do it. Only do today what you should’ve done the day before yesterday. Unless it’s too late to do what you should […]

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.” Despite the Hunger Games being a major film and book series now, when my Grandad got me the first book for Christmas, I actually had no idea about the series. In fact I was a tiny bit worried as sometimes my Grandaddy can […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Most people took this to mean, ‘close’ as in to person like in love. For example to lovers or siblings. I however, thought this photo was more fun. This is from the time, about a year ago, when I was waiting outside Fountain Studios (in London, near Wembley Stadium) for the X-factor contestants to turn up. […]

You think about others too much. But do you actually think about them?

You swipe your oyster, you pay your fare or you nip on the back without paying. You walk on upstairs because that’s where you sit. Always. It’s cooler and quieter and just simply easier. But you’re there at rush-hour. It’s four o’clock. The school rush-hour. And so almost every seat is taken. In every double […]