How the girl at the bus-stop changed my perspective

We like to believe that other people are out to get us. To make us unhappy. To make our lives harder. When in actual fact the majority of people, (I would in fact say all of the people the majority of the time-but this is highly debatable) are just genuinely, simply going about their daily […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Most people took this to mean, ‘close’ as in to person like in love. For example to lovers or siblings. I however, thought this photo was more fun. This is from the time, about a year ago, when I was waiting outside Fountain Studios (in London, near Wembley Stadium) for the X-factor contestants to turn up. […]

You think about others too much. But do you actually think about them?

You swipe your oyster, you pay your fare or you nip on the back without paying. You walk on upstairs because that’s where you sit. Always. It’s cooler and quieter and just simply easier. But you’re there at rush-hour. It’s four o’clock. The school rush-hour. And so almost every seat is taken. In every double […]