Bad Blood, Lorna Sage

“…but it’s (her childhood) not unpleasurable, although it is unhappy.” Bad Blood is the autobiography of a Lorna Sage from early childhood in her grandparent’s house to her teens in her parent’s house to her twenties as a completely different woman. Sage takes us via lonely but nonetheless satisfying times spent in the countryside, and shows […]

Whatever you Love, Louise Doughty

 “Is there any limit to the self-delusion human beings are capable of?” Whatever you Love is a deeply emotional and yet somehow blunt look at how humans and in this case a single mother deal with the aftermath of their child’s death. It appreciates the most rawest of feelings from shock to grief to hatred. The protagonist, […]

The Man of My Dreams, Curtis Sittenfeld

‘…what they want most is beauty…Just instinctively, to look at and enjoy.’ The Man of My Dreams is the story of a young woman and her relationships and how others relationships affect us in more ways than we assume. We meet her as a fourteen year old entranced by celebrity weddings, who meets an older guy. Nothing happens […]