What can you expect from this blog?

  1. At least one ‘proper’ blog post a week. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, debates, etc. etc.
  2. During Euro’s 2012, a day-by-day analysis of all the games and some players in particular. (Can now be found on my new blog: girlslikethegame.wordpress.com)
  3. Regular book, film, album, T.V. reviews.
  4. Quotes. [These are my own quotes or quotes I’ve heard people say during the day or quotes from books or magazines.]
  5. Give me 5! [Basically just lists of five things.]
  6. And coming soon, advice, tips, stories on running, bodies, exercise, ecteraa .

I know it’s more usual to have one specific topic to blog about, but I feel this way I keep my options open whilst also maintaining a blog that many will like to read. I also hope that by writing in different structures (ie. reviews, analysis, debates, news) I will develop my writing skills. Thanks for Reading!

p.s. I hope to include photos on as many as my posts as possible as soon as possible. All I have is my old camera phone so they won’t be good quality, but I want to improve my skills so I will.


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